Dairy products

Step by step to success

The beginning was not an easy one. After his studies in agricultural sciences, Michael Finegan spent four years working in New Zealand. He was convinced that on his return to the green island he would take over his parents’ farm. ‘My grandfather and father ran a classical dairy farm,’ explains Michael. However, nothing became of his original plans. In order to keep up with today’s dairy industry the Finegans would have had to invest greatly in their business.   (...)

Visiting a World Champion

Willi Schmid’s working day begins at five in the morning. This is when the first farmer delivers his milk. During the following hours other milk deliveries arrive one after the other in a set order. Willi Schmid insists on this as, ‘The milk tastes different from each farm.’ Willi uses this unique taste factor to produce his cheese.   (...)

There's nothing to gripe about!

Reaching El Bucarito without being noticed is next to impossible. When you turn off the main road in the direction of the farm about a dozen pairs of eyes follow you. El Bucarito’s alert welcoming party takes the form of a large herd of milking goats. The brown and white animals belong to the ‘Florida’ breed which were up to a few years ago hard to come by. An important reason why the biologist, Carlos Ruiz-Mateos Fernández, decided to choose this breed when he extended the family’s piggery to include goats.  (...)