Oils & Spices

Freshly pressed

Five kilos of nut kernels is the minimum you need to bring with you to the Moulin de Sévery in order to have them pressed into nut oil. The mill which is situated near the town of Lausanne is the only one in Switzerland which manually presses oils throughout the year. ‘We press different types of nut oils six days a week,’ explains the owner Jean-Luc Bovey. (...)

More than a pepper farm

Sothy Sorn couldn’t continue any longer. The constant pressure from her studies, her work as a teacher and translator and Phnom Penh’s polluted air were too much for the Cambodian. She stepped back from all social and work life and with her last energy completed her studies. In order to recover Sothy and her husband left the capital in 2012 without any concrete plans. Their path led them to the southern province of Kep. (...)

In harmony with nature

 'A litre of olive oil for four Euros is a joke,' says Tiziana di Menichetti, annoyed. Alone the production costs of just one litre of pure olive oil reaches on average ten Euros. The low costing olive oils found in our supermarkets are therefore most often a result of mixing inferior oils together with a small portion of pure olive oil. ‘Analysis carried out on various olive oils have confirmed the presence of harmful substances, a fact that has been kept secret here in Italy,’ Tiziana, discloses. (...)

"I want to be Pope!"

About 20 years ago Enrico Russino had a brainwave while driving. Capers instead of aubergines, herbs instead of oranges. This could be the answer to all his problems. The agronomist knew he had to find a way of rescuing his family’s business from the threat of mass production of vegetables and fruit. Competition was already well in place and financial pressure was clearly going to become unbeatable in this line of work in Sicily. (...)