Pastries & Desserts

Connected to tradition, bound to the future

You don’t know what Leckerly is? Not to worry, as long as you are not from Basel. Leckerly is a regional speciality. A kind of gingerbread biscuit which has been a part of any good tea or coffee round in the region of Basel since the last century. Despite the fact that every established Basel family has their own recipe it is not an easy product to produce. It takes a lot of work and effort as the pastry is very tough making it difficult to work with.   (...)

Sweet Temptation

On entering through Tristan Carbonatto’s doors you find yourself in another world. A wonderfully decelerated world. This could be due to all the senses being awakened. Your nose fills with the delightful smell of cocoa, roasted nuts and vanilla while your eyes catch the sparkles which seem to jump off all the individually wrapped chocolate parcels. The strongest sense though has to come from your taste buds as shop visitors can try samples of each variety of chocolate on sale.   (...)